Global Talent and Mobility Study Spain 2020 HASENKAMP

Hasenkamp Relocation Services Spain is carrying out this year, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary in Spain, the first study on “New Normality: The Future of Talent and Global Mobility in Spain 2020”.

Its objective is to identify the market trends or practices that companies are incorporating in this even more changing and volatile VUCA environment due to the situation caused by the Covid-19, and which will surely affect the evolution of global mobility in the next 2-3 years; as well as to analyze the impact of these on the “employee experience” of the international assignee.

The study will include the following topics:
• Present and future of global mobility
• New types of mobility
• Virtual assignments: International teleworking and flexibility
• Global talent management and new generations
• Global leadership
• Multicultural skills and learning (Skill building)
• Compensation and benefits: Changes in market practices
• Travel risk management policy
• Mobility policies: Audit

To participate in the study, a survey has been launched aimed at international mobility managers, human resources and other departments that have the responsibility of coordinating and implementing mobility programs in their organizations.

The study, with the collaboration of Renovatio Way to Go, Healix Spain and QUESTRAVEL, will focus on how the “new normality” will impact organizations with a presence in Spain, from a very broad perspective; from remote work, new types of assignments, management of different generations and what aspects we should take into account when rewarding, developing and attracting increasingly scarce talent.

To participate you can access through the link: