Essential travel services for
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Health insurance for digital nomads with coverage up to US$ 250,000, daypass to airport lounges, e-visa issuance management for digital nomads, legal advice, catalog with multiple accommodation options, transportation services and much more.

Health insurance for digital nomads

With coverage for international travel and designed exclusively for digital nomads. Throughout the year you can decide which international trips to apply your policy to. As you travel you deduct the months of coverage.

Health insurance with a coverage plan of up to US$ 250,000 and a great amount of extra benefits to use in your international travels during the next 365 days after activation of the policy.

DayPass Lounge VIP

We include a free daypass in every plan!
Available in more than 2,000 Lounge VIP lounges in more than 145 countries.

VIP lounges and airport experiences where you need them. Avoid the crowds and feel safe.
More than 2,000 lounges in over 600 cities in 148 countries.
Once you get through security, leave the noise, the crowds and the chaos behind. Spending time at the airport is no longer an endurance test.

Our lounges offer you all the peace and comfort you need, whether you want to relax on a sofa, enjoy complimentary drinks or connect to Wi-Fi for free to catch up on your emails.

Some of the VIP Lounges even offer the possibility to enjoy additional benefits, such as spa treatments, massage rooms and sleeping areas.

Catalog with multiple lodging options in more than 150 destinations adapted to digital nomads

Each apartment or suite is furnished and includes a work area and high speed internet.

With units available for rent from 1 month and up and often in residential complexes or coliving spaces that include amenities such as common areas with gyms, co-working and parking.

Access a different approach to assistance with this instantly redeemable benefit that mitigates the discomfort of flight delays by giving you access to a space that provides comfort, complimentary food and beverage, and free Wi-Fi while waiting for your delayed flight.

E-visa processing

Get your visa approval under a simple and easy application process. 100% online, in most cases, with clear instructions and much less complicated than dealing with governments. We include legal advice.

We have a world-class data center and state-of-the-art methods to secure our users’ information.

All data is reviewed by migration experts before it is sent to the respective governments.

Our customer service is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we want you to enjoy your travels and take the stress out of getting a digital nomad visa!

More than you can do

Digital nomads choose their location based on elements that can affect their lifestyle and work in a particular country.
Questravel can help you with that and more.

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