84% of travelers consider technology as a key to travel again

Amadeus has developed a new report to learn more about how the travel industry and governments can work to rebuild traveler confidence.

In the infographic, we learn more about the top concerns of travelers and what kind of technology would help travelers feel safe and comfortable enough to travel and help spur the recovery of the travel industry.

The study found that technology plays a crucial role in supporting recovery, with more than 4 in 5 (84%) travelers saying technology would increase their confidence to travel in the next twelve months by addressing concerns about mixing with crowds of people, social distancing and physical contact points.

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The interest in traveling and exploring the world is greater than ever. But the scarcity of time, and the large number of fragmented service options, increase the pressure of travelers when they arrive at their destination.

For this reason, it is essential to understand the market for tourist activities in destinations, a factor that has not yet been sufficiently explored and that could represent a business of more than 165,000 million euros in 2020, according to calculations by Phocuswright.

To try to shed light on this matter, Amadeus – which calls the untapped market for destination services Destination X – has carried out a survey around the world to explore the complementary needs of travelers and identify the services and content that require, in order to make your travel experiences easier and without any stress.

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In the study carried out by HASENKAMP Relocation Services Spain in collaboration with the professional services firm RENOVATIO Way to Go whose main objective was to identify the main trends in this “new normal” in terms of talent management and international mobility and in which it has collaborated QUESTRAVEL, all aspects related to travel risk management have been addressed. Without a doubt, this is a highly topical and relevant topic due to the situation caused by COVID-19 and which has led to changes in policies in many organizations.

30% of the companies surveyed indicated that they anticipated a general increase in employee mobility and almost the same proportion are analyzing going towards this trend. The companies that will most increase mobility in the next 2 years belong to Construction (71%), Logistics and transport (50%) and Technology (40%).

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QUESTRAVEL is an innovative solution that identifies, organizes and structures answers to more than 8,500 frequently asked questions from different types of travelers, using an artificial intelligence engine that automatically updates and provides all the information and offers a chatbot-based service assisted by concierges from professional trips.

In addition to offering its services to the final traveler, QUESTRAVEL is a solution for companies that want to provide greater security to their employees. provides access to high-value services such as travel insurance with extensive coverage, access to management services for requesting the issuance of electronic tourist visas, contracting transfers in each destination and consultation of personalized tourist guides according to the interests of each traveler .

In addition, it includes unlimited access to VIP lounges at the main airports in the world and personalized assistance through a professional travel concierge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

QUESTRAVEL APP is available in the Apple and Google stores.