Bags, passport, flights … What about your International travel insurance?

Perhaps you think that acquiring travel insurance is not that important or perhaps you do not know what this is. You might be wondering if you need to buy it if you’re just planning a weekend getaway or maybe you are just going to a friend’s wedding, and the answer is simple, it depends on what you’re willing to lose.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance can be national or international and it’s a coverage designed to protect you against any risks and financial losses that could occur during your trip. Risks range from minor inconveniences at a road trip or missed airline connections and delayed baggage, to more serious issues like serious injury or illness. Travel insurance allows you to travel calmly and without worrying about those extra expenses that may arise.

What your travel insurance might not cover

It is important that you identify what a certain plan of travel insurance might offer and cover and what it doesn’t. For example, travel insurance may not cover pre-existing conditions, and some destinations may not be included in your plan, and you may pay extra for it. And sometimes they may or may not cover certain incidents with tour operators, so be well informed about their policies.

What to look for in a travel insurance plan?

As we we mentioned before, there are many important features to consider when you’re getting travel insurance.

So we propose the following indicators that a quality international travel insurance should offer.

• Annual coverage for international trips of 7, 15 or 30 days
• Coverage plans up to US$50,000
• Medical care for accidents per event
• Medical care for non-preexisting illnesses per event
• Compensation for lost baggage on a cruise or airline
• Hotel expenses for convalescence due to hospitalization
• Assistance in case of lost documents
• Medical assistance on cruises
• Teledoctor
• Prescription drugs

Additional benefits
• Medical assistance for chronic or pre-existing illnesses
• Medical assistance for pregnant women in case of complications
• Legal assistance for traffic accidents
• Psychological assistance
• Emergency dentistry
• Funeral repatriation
• Repatriation due to airline bankruptcy

Now that you are informed

Make sure you get the travel insurance that best suits your needs and get all your things ready for your next adventure.

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